// Making the switch to Medicare the right way

With the Right Choices

As you draw near to your 65th birthday, you will need to make important decisions with respect to the type of Medicare coverage that best suits your needs, and you’ll need to act on those decisions within strict time-periods to avoid making mistakes that could wind up costing you, sometimes for life.  While we urge you to talk to our Medicare Professional, Tracey Pal Izzi, who specializes in helping people with this important milestone, the following steps will help you get started in understanding and transitioning to Medicare.

01.  Review your needs.
List your healthcare needs, including annual preventative care, disease management, medications and any procedures you may need.

02.  Consider your providers.
While most providers accept Medicare, some do not. Services may not be covered if you use a provider who has opted out of Medicare.

03. Understand the basics.
Visit our page on Medicare which reviews all the parts of Medicare, and has short videos to help you gain an overview of the Medicare program.

04.  Get to know us.
We provide free guidance and advice, helping you to add up all your costs (copays, premiums, etc.) so you can pick the best option.

05. Enroll in Medicare

For most people, Medicare is not automatic. You need to enroll in original Medicare (Parts A & B) before you can sign up for a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan. To enroll, you will be required to provide proof of your eligibility. Some acceptable documents are birth certificate, proof citizenship if not born in the US, W-2 or tax forms, and or military records.

You can apply online or call your local Social Security office. You’ll enroll, create your Medicare account, track your Medicare information such as bills, claims, health information and more, as well as print your Medicare card.


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