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It’s not easy for anyone to save for the future in today’s economy.  Offering the option to save through an employee retirement plan makes it much easier for your employees and is, according to surveys, one of the best ways to attract, build and retain a productive workforce.   

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401(k) Employee Retirement Plans

  • The employee determines a set amount to have set aside into his or her 401(k) account.
  • The employer usually offers a variety of different investment options (stocks, bonds, money market investments, or a mix of these), in which the employee will choose from to fund the account.
  • While there are annual contribution limits, the employer may choose to match a portion of the employee’s contribution.
  • Traditional 401k - good for any private or public company
  • Safe Harbor 401k - avoids discriminatory testing, good for high income earning employees and owners who want to invest aggressively in their retirement.
  • Profit Sharing 401k - employer has more design flexibility, good for self-employed professionals or businesses with less than 100 employees
  • Roth 401k - good for high income earning employees, contributions are after-tax, however income earned on the investment is tax free. 

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